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Someone just logged into your brain

Neurosurgeon Mauricio de Barcelos is propelled into the spotlight when his revolutionary brain implant saves the life of the President's daughter. Designed to treat depression, the implant is a cost-effective, computer-programmable device that could spell overnight relief for millions. Mauricio's popularity soars.

But soon patients begin exhibiting bizarre behaviors, and Mauricio discovers that someone has breached the firewall and hijacked access to the implant program.

In a battle of wits to regain control, Mauricio finds himself in a lethal game with a man know only as The Chessman, an evil mercenary hired by Big Pharma to protect their profits. A man whose personal agenda is as dark and deviant as his sexual preferences.

In the end, betrayed by the woman he loves, Mauricio must choose between saving the President, or hundreds of his own patients. His invention, and his own life, are beyond saving.


Vladimir Lange's second medical thriller is based on technology that exists today, and combines multi-layered characters and cinematic prose, to deal with a uniquely contemporary question:

How can we protect our medical implants from infiltration by hackers?