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From Russia, to Harvard Medical School, to Hollywood...
Vladimir Lange's personal story reads like a movie script.

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His family, loyal to the Czar, escaped from Russia during the Communist Revolution. Vladimir grew up in Brazil, spending summers on a small farm at the edge of the rain forest, riding horses and picking coffee beans by day, and reading Russian books by candlelight at night.

In Vladimir's late teens, the Lange family moved to a remote desert village in Iran, with its nomad shepherds and ancient Persian ruins. Following two years of home schooling, Vladimir transferred to a high school in a Jesuit convent in France.

While dissecting a frog in biology class, Vladimir decided to become a surgeon. To pursue his dream, the seventeen-year-old Lange, who barely spoke English, moved from Paris to New York. After three years of unrelenting studies at NYU he was accepted to Harvard Medical School.

At age 24, married to a fellow physician, Lange moved to California and embarked on a career in emergency medicine. As a relief to 24-hour shifts dealing with blood, pain and death, he filled his off hours with adventures like piloting his single engine plane to South America, or ice climbing in the Himalayas. Medicine and mountaineering came together on a glacier at 18,000 feet on Peak Lenin, when Lange saved the life of an injured climber, by performing an emergency thoracostomy with little more than a Swiss Army knife and a piece of rubber tubing.

A mid-life "course correction" took Lange from medicine to video production. Within a few years, Lange became an international award-winning producer and best-selling author of educational programs, particularly in women's health.

Always searching for new frontiers, and inspired by writings of fellow physicians like Gerritsen and Palmer, and schoolmate Crichton, Vladimir turned to yet another challenging endeavor: fiction writing. The result: his widely-acclaimed techno-medical thriller, FATAL MEMORIES.

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