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Advance Praise for Fatal Memories

Lange has crafted a winner...Settle in with Fatal Memories and get set for a roller coaster ride with hairpin turns all along the way."
     - Michael Palmer
       author of The Society, Fatal, The Patient

"Fatal Memories is a compelling, endlessly fascinating read. Far more than a medical thriller, it weaves history and romance into a tale that asks: do we carry the memory of past lives in our genes?"
     - Tess Gerritsen
       author of Body Double, The Surgeon, The Sinner

"A new voice that may well become the new Robin Cook or Michael Crichton."
     - Sheldon McArthur

"A page-turner vast in its proportions -- from a lab in Boston to 14th Century Russia -- Fatal Memories is a thriller that is all too possible in the not-too-distant future."
     - Norris Church Mailer
       author of Windchill Summer

"What if your DNA carries your ancestral memories and not just physical traits? What if your ancestor's enemy meets you and tries to harm you? Dr. Anne Powell finds herself trying to prove her new medical machine can help those suffering from mental illness, but triggers results she didn't expect. This is a fun read."
      - Mary Jane Weber
        The Town Bookstore, Westfield, NJ

"Fatal Memories creates a frightening picture of how human consciousness can be controlled by computers. It is a tale that the reader will not likely forget. If one of the parameters of good literature is that it teaches moral lessons, then this author must certainly be counted as a welcome voice in this new century."
      - Victoria Sutherland
        Fiction Foresight, Foreward Magazine

"Vladimir Lange's first novel, Fatal Memories, combines the swashbuckling fantasy-adventure time travel of Diane Gabaldon's Outlander with the cliff hanging science fiction elements of his fellow doctor-become-author, Michael Crichton.
     - Katherine Neville
       author of The Magic Circle, The Eight, A Calculated Risk.